Dew Photography VA Awards

Honorable Mention
"Passage of Remembrance", Honorable Mention, National Juried Exhibit "Passages", September 2018
1st Place
1st Place 2016 Via Colori
Photo Contest
2nd Place
2nd Place Winner in the National Exhibit "Different Perspectives" at Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts
Top 30% Badge Shoot and Share
1st Place
1st Place 2014
NIFLA Photo Contest
"Baby in Motion" Category
3rd Place
3rd Place 2016
Colonial Beach Artist Guild
Member's Show
Photography Category
Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention 2016
Via Colori Photo Contest
Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention 2016 Uniquely Spotsylvania
Honorable Mention
Gracie's Gowns: Reflecting Lanterns
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Dew Photography VA

Special Recogniton

Dew Photography VA work has been accepted into the upcoming book, "My Fredericksburg" which will be given to dignitaries visiting from FXBG's Sister Cities. 

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FXBG Art Attack
FXBG Skyline
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