Where is the "Old Barn" Lady?

Hello Everyone,

I know it seems as if the blog has been forgotten. To be honest, in many instances it has been. I have been focusing on the "Old Barn" Shout-Outs and Dew Photography VA newsletters. However, with that said....I am moving my blog here. I will begin by saying "Welcome" to anyone who decided to follow us from Blogger.

The "Old Barn" Lady has been researching and writing a book, entitled "Century Barns: History, Heritage and Their Humans" which we plan to publish in 2018. When not working on the book, I am photographing events and teaching art marketing workshops. Things have been slow in the workshop realm.

If you need a photographer for your company picnic or looking to host an art marketing workshop, then The "Old Barn" Lady is your gal.

You can reach me at 540.300.1928 or dewphotographyva@gmail.com

We will be sharing on the blog things such as:

~ What The "Old Barn" Lady is up to?

~ Where you can see Dew Photography VA artwork?

~ Agricultural and Farm-related stuff...including old barns

~ Book Updates

Is there anything else you would like to have shared on the blog? Leave your suggestions in the comments. I want you all to be interactive and it will be more likely if you are interested in what you see.

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